Assisted NMR Data Interpretation and Workflow Streamlining

In this paper Bruker demonstrates how CMC-assist efficiently extracts information from complex NMR data, conducts consistency and concentration assessments and generates detailed reports for
direct transfer to publications, patents and lab journals. 

CMC-assist is aimed at improving throughput and efficiency for NMR users in their analysis of small molecule proton NMR data.  In addition, CMC-assist features an uncomplicated user interface that enables novice NMR users to sidestep some of NMR’s learning curve, achieved by grouping all user actions by area of application, and ordering of the native workflow by importance and complexity.  The user has optimal control over all steps of the analysis, with the added convenience of being able to manually refine the automatically generated results, if desired.   To be able to realize this feature, Bruker has developed an innovative workflow-oriented process enabling users to work with spectra and chemical structures at the same time, allowing complex reports of varying depths of information to be generated by a mouse click.