Cyber Security in Pharma Report

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Chanice Henry

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Experts forecast that cyber breaches will only get bigger in 2018 with hackers and technologies getting smarter. 

This reality forces all organizations to bolster their defenses – some are turning to machine-learning based features to automate risk detection by filtering alert data.

Alongside utilizing the benefits of digitalization, such as IoT enabled manufacturing and cloud systems, the industry must understand the cyber security vulnerabilities and respond with the needed precautions.

Cyber security in pharma

The sensitive data housed by healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotech firms are key targets for hackers. GDPR regulators are predicted to make an example of firms which do not take safeguarding data subjects seriously. 

Not only could breaches present a severe threat to the future of a  pharmaceutical company, but also to patient safety. This is due to the fact that these entities house personal health information and medical data. 


As cyber threats intensify pharma firms will need to dedicate themselves to the governance strategies that digitally protect their assets and data subjects.

This 2018 market research report tests the cyber security strength of respondents from the Pharma IQ network. The findings intend to propel industry awareness and provide a benchmark to determine the market's progress and its areas of improvement.

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