Survey: Pharma Serialisation Deadlines

Pharma IQ is creating an easy-to-assimilate summary of serialisation requirements around the world, whether they are already being followed or have impending deadlines (e.g. much of Europe due to the Falsified Medicines Act). You’ll be able to keep it as a handy reference, share it around your colleagues or even stick it on your wall!

To do this, we need your help – we’re surveying the pharmaceutical industry in order to attain the most accurate information we can about what’s happening in major countries and continents around the world, and we’d be very grateful if you could tell us basically as much as you can! If you don’t know the requirements in a particular country, please don’t guess – but feel free to include web links or other sources that we could use to find out more ourselves.

Instructions: Scroll down to the survey below. For the following countries, please provide as much information as you can! In order to create an accurate representation of the upcoming (and current) international serialisation requirements, please make sure your information is accurate. Once completed, we’ll send you a copy before anyone else to thank you for your contributions! Just leave your email, details and telephone number in the last box. We have included 16 countries, please just fill in as much as you can – you don’t need to complete everything!

Estimated time:10 minutes  

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