Predictive Toxicology Conference London 2013

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For the 5th Annual Predictive Toxicology Conference on 18 - 20 February, 2013 in London, UK  we not only bring together leading experts from across the industry, key regulatory bodies including the FDA and MHRA and leading consortia such as the IMI but have arranged a dedicated IN-VIVO FOCUS DAY which will involve identifying and implementing the best, most validated and predictive in-vivo derived models with expertise from Johnson and Johnson, Bayer and NC3R’s.

What people have said about the Predictive Toxicology Summit :

  • “Overall very valuable, learning about new technology & forming partnerships to move the industry forward” - AstraZeneca
  • “An excellent, informative conference as a refresher for current standing in predictive tox” - Lonza Biologics
  • “Highly valuable and useful” - Ferrer International

Top 5 reasons to attend the event :

  • Implement the latest developments in predictive toxicology
  • Cost-effectively integrate the latest predictive tools
  • Successfully apply predictive toxicology in this complex regulatory environment with expertise from global regulators including MHRA and FDA
  • Develop your processes and strategies with crucial cross industry expertise from Unilever
  • Validate the latest in-vivo, in-vitro and in-silico models with case studies from Astrazeneca, Johnson and Johnson and Ferrer Pharmaceuticals

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Expert Speakers Inlcude :

  • John Foster, Senior Principal Pathologist and Deputy Director Pathology, AstraZeneca
  • David Jones, Senior Scientific Advisor, MHRA
  • Freddy Van Goethem, Research Fellow, Johnson and Johnson
  • Thomas Steger-Hartmann, Head of Investigational Toxicology, Bayer Healthcare

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Predictive Toxicology FREE Resources :

Whitepaper : Infographics

Infographic: Do You Know the Cost of Predictive Toxicology?






Do You Know the Cost of Predictive Toxicology? Recent figures suggest the cost of discovering and developing a drug is almost $1bn.Toxicity issues cost the pharmaceutical industry billions and have damaged many a company’s reputation.

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