Predictive Toxicology Conferences: Which Predictive Toxicology Conference Should I Go to?

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Advantages of Attending a Predictive Toxicology Conference

Did you know that the average cost of developing a new drug is almost $1bn? Predictive toxicology helps to prevent late stage failures and keep costs under control. Attending a conference on predictive toxicology can help you select and implement in-vitro and in-silico solution models. These in turn can address in-vitro and in-vivo extrapolation challenges.

Before you book an actual event, make sure they address the following issues:

  • Cost effective developent and implementation
  • Accuracy of in-vitro methods
  • Implications of these methods for the drug discovery process aat an early stage

Finally, remember, a Predictive Toxicology conference is about strategic decisions. It is as much about benchmarking as it is about networking and learning about the latest innovative predictive models and technologies on the market.

Feedback from Last Year's Predictive Toxicology Conference

We collected some feedback from delegates from last year's Predictive Toxicology Summit. Here are a few examples:

“Very valuable lessons about latest technologies. Also excellent venue to establish key partnerships to move the industry forward”

“An excellent, informative conference for the current state of affairs in predictive tox”

"Highly useful and valuable for my research work as head of in vivo research"

"Extremely valuable - gave me a deep insight into what drives the science and technology side of pharma today"

"Very interesting - good choice of topics, valuable content and discussions"

Who Attended the Predictive Toxicology Conference Last Year

The previous years saw a broad array of delegates, mainly from senior decision making functions and researchers from the following industry niches:

  • Bio-Technology, Pharma and Chemical Manufacturing
  • R&D as well as Medical labs and Diagnostic facilities
  • Management Consulting and Business Support

This Year's Predictive Toxicology Conference Agenda

The agenda is still in the making but the new items will include:

  • Stem cell therapy development
  • Predictive toxicology in general drug development tox screening process
  • Integrate predictive toxicology into your programmes in the near future
  • New stem cell focus day
  • Case study led intensive workshop
  • Creating in-vitro models to improve the accuracy of predictive toxicology

Leave a comment below to have your say about your criteria for selecting a Predictive Toxicology Conferent!