IQPC Immunogenicity Conference

The FDA has confirmed it will be providing a presentation on the FDA Guidance for Industry White Paper: Ensuring Compliance in Assay Development Immunogenicity Testing. Dr Jennifer Reed, Team Leader, CBER FDA, will be delivering the information via a presentation at the Annual Immunogenicity conference, which takes place on the 21st-23rd June 2010 in Munich, Germany. Dr Reed will discuss the recent white paper and outline the importance of this paper, and how it impacts the industry. Delegates will be provided with an overview of the changing regulatory landscape as well as looking at the established accepted relationships between in vivo and in vitro studies when it comes to these submissions. Sarah Haynes, Event Director at Pharma IQ, a division of IQPC, responded to the confirmation saying. “This is the only platform in Europe I know of that has Dr. Reed coming to talk on this topic, I am delighted Dr. Reed is able to make the conference and I am looking forward to the lively and interactive debate we will have throughout the meeting".

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