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Pharma IQ presents the Predictive Toxicology Academy, coming to you this winter.Following a series of successful real world conferences, to aid worldwide accessibility the Predictive Toxicology Academy brings you a hub of online resources all accessible from the comfort of your desk. The Academy will stand as a library hosting a portfolio of various multimedia including live interactive sessions, whitepapers, podcasts, infographics, articles and interviews.

The release of the materials will be structured over a period of three weeks to cover a range of subjects:

  • WC 7th Nov:  Reducing late stage attrition:  early safety assessments and mitigation 
  • WC 14th Nov: Improving predictability: In vitro, in vivo & in silico testing, progressing away from animal testing, use of biomarkers. 
  • WC 21st Nov: Improving usability of cellular cultures: Getting smarter about methodologies used and data. The new practices and innovations. 3d Models, 3d organ printing.

Particpants and Firms to feature include: 

  • LIVE SESSION led by Deborah Nguyen, PhD,  Senior Director, R&D, Organovo
  • LIVE SESSION led by Dr Sheraz Gul, Head of Assay Development & Screening, Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology – ScreeningPort
  • LIVE SESSION led by David Hay, Principal Investigator at the University of Edinburgh’s MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine. 
  • LIVE SESSION: Gerd Kullak-Ulblick, Chairma, The Investigative Liver Expert Team, Novartis Pharma, Basel, Switzerland
  • Exclusive interview with Phillip Hewitt Head of Early Investigative Toxicology at Merck KGaA.   

Companies to feature include GSK, Bosch-Institute of Clinical Pharmacology, Organovo, The Adult Stem Cell Technology Center, Novartis, Janssen. 

Register for the event and view the event overview using the form below and we will notify you when you can access the Predictive Toxicology Academy.  

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