Compound & BioSample Management 2017 Market Trend Report

Pharma IQ
Posted: 02/17/2017

Compound management and biological sample management both have significant influence in the drug discovery process. Compounds of a high integrity contribute to reliable results when locating drug candidates. Additionally, the collection, storage and distribution of human biological materials supports the advancement of the R&D industry, aids understanding of the mechanisms of diseases and fuels the trend to provide personalised medicines.

Last year in Pharma IQ’s Compound Management and Biobanking Activity tracker, around 20 compound management industry members and 28 biobanking industry members examined and pinpointed the most recent trends in both markets over the past year and the predicted trends on the horizon.

In the report both industries highlighted automation as a beneficial technique for minimising errors and improving workflow efficiency. Our participants both in the biobanking and compound management sectors had some level of investment planned for technology and software scheduled over the following 12 months. However, our compound participants showed consensus that there was a gradual slow in the buzz behind automation as the sector settled down with their robotics option of choice and focused on refining their detailing. A minority of our biobanking experts expressed a lack of confidence in robotics systems.

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With more and more areas of convergence between compound and biosample management, Pharma IQ, the leader in pharma events, is proud to bring new the newly rebranded Compound and Biosample Management Summit. Taking place from the 15th to the 17th of May 2017 in London, we have brought together our longstanding Compound & Sample Management conference with our Global Biobanking event. The idea for this consolidation came from you – biobanking professionals and compound managers who recognise key areas where you can learn from each other to significantly improve your processes – and get closer to discovering your next blockbuster


It was evident in the findings that sample quality was to remain a prime focus across the two markets. With sustainability levels in biobanking standing as a traditional challenge leading some biobanks to close their doors, the move to concentrate upon the quality and the actual usability of samples will look to conquer this hurdle. This is being fused with the focus to land public-private partnerships.

Team sizes saw a plateau especially on the compound management side. A slow growth was indicated within both industries, signifying an encouraging level of stability. This year, we revisit the compound and biobanking markets to pinpoint any shifts or new trends in the market.

This year, we revisit the compound and biobanking markets to pinpoint any shifts or new trends in the market.

Pharma IQ
Posted: 02/17/2017

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