CRISPR Cas9 Troubleshooting Analysis

Posted: 10/11/2015
The CRISPR Cas9 tool has attracted worldwide attention from the R&D industry in regards to its capabilities for gene editing.
The cutting edge method is being used to revolutionize research and biomedical discoveries, contributing to drug discovery and target location.
Although, there are a number of limitations to CRISPR Cas9, which curb its ascent within today’s market.
One of the main challenges in regards to the technique is the off target effects – when the tool misses the intended target. Other efficiency limitations also stand as barriers with this technique.
These roadblocks have sparked the emergence of a string of technologies to compliment CRISPR Cas9 and tackle its shortcomings. These tools include the likes of genome libraries of guide RNAs, CRISPR knockout libraries, light controlled genome editing methods and enhancers.
With the above in mind, Pharma IQ has conducted some primary research exploring the challenges encountered with the CRISPR Cas9 method and the key solutions.
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Posted: 10/11/2015

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