Boost productivity within biologics discovery and development

With many pharma and biotech firms suffering from workflow inefficiencies in the lab, we take a look at how smarter informatics  systems can significantly boost productivity in drug discovery. 

Over recent years and with the boom in biosimilars and biologics, Pharma and biotech firms have greatly increased investments into the development of a wide variety of therapeutic biologics.

However, in many organizations, the informatics systems that handle biologics lag behind today's requirements.

This has created an inherent struggle to efficiently track processes, experiments, entities and leverage the huge volumes of data being produced. 

Scientists are over reliant on ad-hoc solutions like Excel, Documents, Sharepoint, paper notebooks and home-grown point solutions.

This whitepaper from Dotmatics demonstrates how research organizations can make their biologics discovery projects more efficient and enhance innovation with better informed decision making.

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Benefits of downloading:

  • Understand how to maximize the productivity of biologics scientists
  • See how to boost organizational innovation with ready access to data, informatics systems that track complex workflows and analytics tools that fully utilize data insights.
  • Find a key way to lower support and infrastructure costs for both small molecule and biologics discovery projects