Building a Better Biobank- Investing in the Future

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The biobanking landscape is changing rapidly to deal with the increasing demands of the systems biology community.

The UK Biobank highlights the continuing advances in the research field with the recent opening of nearly 20TB(terabytes) of data from half a million individuals. Researchers from across the globe will be able to make use this - anonymised - data in their work.

“This is without doubt a very exciting day for medical research, not just in the UK but around the world,” said Professor Sir Rory Collins, principal investigator at the biobank.

To mark this landmark and in preparation for the 5th Annual Global Biobanking and Biorepository
Forum, which takes place in October 2012
, Pharma IQ surveyed its global membership base about biobanking partnerships, overcoming bottlenecks and increasing investment levels.

This information is invaluable if you use, or plan to use, biobanks in your medical research.

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