Kinase Profiling & Screening: Choosing a Biochemical Assay Platform

Not all kinase assays are created equally. What are the major differences between activity assays and binding assays? Radiometric platforms and other formats? Protein and peptide substrates? Labelled and unlabelled substrates? With a plethora of kinase assay technologies available, which one is right for your research?

High-throughput screening of compounds against comprehensive kinase panels has become the standard approach for lead discovery of selective kinase inhibitors. There are many platforms and technologies offered by CROs for screening services; this paper will explain the differences between assay formats and identify the advantages and limitations of each, helping you determine which platform is the best choice for your lab.

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  • Understand the science behind each assay format
  • Learn the advantages and limitations of each platform
  • Determine which biochemical assay is right for you