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Improving the bioavailability of poorly soluble new chemical entities is a leading challenge in drug development.  Discover how parallel screening can ensure rapid determination of the most appropriate drug delivery platform for a molecule with its own specific solubility issues.

Accelerate the development of your potential drug candidates to enable a faster and more effective path to FIH trials

With savings being necessary in drug development, can you afford to miss out?


What will learn you from the whitepaper?

  • Strategies for improving bioavailability of poorly soluble molecules
  • Selection of suitable drug delivery systems to maximise the solubility/bioavailability
  • Application of suitable technologies to reduce attrition rate and increase the number of new drugs to the market
  • Cost-effective means of selecting a suitable drug delivery system that will maximise bioavailability and accelerate the route to market
  • Parallel screening approach of multiple technologies for rapid determination of the most appropriate platform for a specific molecule with its own specific solubility issues
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