Combating terminal conditions: The Right to Try movement

Posted: 07/18/2017

Do terminally ill patients have a “right to try”? With that question in mind, we created this Right To Try At-A-Glance to provide an overview of which U.S. states have already implemented Right To Try laws and recent developments in the Right Try debate. Also, find out what the experts from both sides of the argument have to say about the potential benefits and risks of Right To Try legislation.

What is Right To Try?

Since early 2014, more than 30 states in the US have introduced so-called "Right to Try" bills in the hopes of allowing terminally ill patients to access experimental and potentially life-saving treatments. These bills are modeled off a federal policy known as "Compassionate Use," but contain several key changes to reduce regulations and red tape around the FDA’s expanded access program.

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Posted: 07/18/2017

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