Intellectual Property Protection Solutions for Pharma and Biotech

Pharma IQ

Intellectual property is the life science industry’s most important capital. It forms the basis of a product’s market authorization, as well as of successful partnership, license and due diligence negotiations. The challenge is that this knowledge needs to be made available while simultaneously being protected. What technical means are available to help companies achieve this delicate balancing act to the benefit of all interested parties?

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Help is at hand from specialist IT companies, who can provide and manage customized virtual worlds while ensuring highly selective access to the data within them. Pharma IQ has collaborated with Brainloop who already works with several biotech companies helping them with just this problem.

Our interview below with Brigitte  Ehret, Director at Brainloop gives us more detail on the problems in pharma IP protection and explains the solutions Brainloop have devised for their customers.

Ms. Ehret, could you briefly tell us who Brainloop is and what “document compliance” actually means?

At Brainloop, we help our customers manage their highly confidential information in such a way that it’s absolutely secure, even if they share it with external third parties.  And that’s what document compliance management is all about – protecting a company’s sensitive information.  

Do the biotech and pharma industries have special requirements on this level?

Yes, because our life sciences customers need to enable multiple external partners to view or even edit very sensitive documents for a number of different purposes – including reviews of dossiers, financing rounds, partnering, clinical studies and licensing procedures. With these activities it’s vital to guarantee that documents are protected throughout their whole lifecycle and can’t fall into the wrong hands.

How does that work exactly?

We provide security precautions on a technical level, such as encryption for document transmission and storage. The system allows for very granular permissions management, so companies can define exactly who’s allowed to access a document and what they can do with it. Each person invited to join a project has to log in using a two-step authorization process that meets today’s highest security standards. And another thing that’s really important is that all actions taken on a document are logged and fully traceable.

How do we know if Brainloop’s solution will work for a specific company?

Brainloop are offering a free trial of their solution to anyone who registers for their informative webinar. Please complete the details form and we will be in touch.

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