Intellectual Property Protection Solutions for Pharma and Biotech - Part 2

Pharma IQ

In part one of our Brainloop interview we introduced BrigitteEhret, Director at Brainloop who explained some of the questions pharma professionals have about IP protection when partnerships demand document sharing. The second part of this interview contains answers to some technical questions have been posed. To receive a free trial of Brainloop’s solution please register for the informative webinar on this topic – Outlicensing and Beyond.

How can I receive a document that’s been sent to me and how is it protected once it’s stored on my computer?

Using the Brainloop solution means you no longer have to send non-secure email attachments. Instead, you send links to the secured document directly from Outlook – and the email you send them in is encrypted during transmission. Even if you have permission to download the document onto your computer, the system can be set up to allow you to read but not forward it, and even to make the document “autodestruct” after a certain period of time so that you can’t open it any more.

That sounds like something out of James Bond… And how long would it take for me to set up the solution and work with it?

You don’t need to buy a server or install any software on your computer, so it’s up and running in a day or two at most, so you and your business partners can start working with it straight away. The user interface is so intuitive that no long training sessions are necessary. You only “rent” the software – which is provided on a SaaS (Software as a Service) basis – for as long as your project is running and we invoice you for the exact number of days you used it. If you need help, our multilingual support hotline is available 7 days a week across several time zones.

You mentioned that a few other biotechnology companies are customers of yours. Which Brainloop services do they use exactly?

SuppreMol uses our solution for its board-level communications. And Wilex makes its dossiers available using our service, so they not only increase security but also productivity because several parties can view the dossiers at the same time, while remaining shielded from one another. Also Affimed, Nycomed and Intendis (part of Bayer HealthCare) uses our solution for the sensitive documents.

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