Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property Rights: What you need to know

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Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property Rights Webinar

The webinar discusses What you need to know about Intellectual Property Rights with regards to outlicensing in the pharmaceutical industry. As any Out-licensing project manager will testify, protecting your intellectual property is essential. The challenges always come when you actually need to implement a process that ensures your rights are safe and secure yet enables rather than hinders. One important element is the uninterrupted running of the business process after the due diligence investigation is over.

But where do you go from there?

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Out-Licensing is one of the keys to the “monetization” projects of pharmaceutical intellectual property rights. As it is only one element in the process, what you need to be aware of is that technology and software solutions in Out-Licensing need to reach beyond the silo. As part of the business critical elements, these solutions need to empower you and your team to make strategic decisions, and to communicate effectively with and between alliance partners, lawyers and research labs.

Can you do this without jeopardizing your most valuable assets: the intellectual property?

Are you able to manage this easily and securely?

Listen to our webinar on Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property Rights to tap into the experience and solutions to help you protect confidential documents not only in an Out-Licensing project but in all your processes, internal or even with 3rd parties involved.


Key learning points about Your Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property Rights:

  • What industry solutions could help protect your IP
  • Why you need the flexibility to build business processes and maintain the ability to modify processes if needed
  • How you can work with keep under control large volumes of documents while actively working with them
  • Why it is critical to be able to deal with various files formats and complex folder structures
  • How to manage your most sensitive, highly confidential documents
  • Why you could benefit from personalized watermarks