When to implement a commercial patient access programme

Dane TN
Posted: 08/29/2017

Dane Hartung, Director Marketing and Access, Fougera Pharmaceuticals shares best practices for determining if and when you should implement a new Commercial Patient Access Program. Dane also discusses how you should go about ensuring your patient access program is ethical, compliant and effectively differentiates your product.

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EE agenda
Download the agenda for: Pre-Approval Access Programs 2017

The Pre-approval Access Programs conference offers the chance to benchmark with key opinion leaders, connect with like-minded peers, and share different perspectives. This extensive program will highlight the most challenging regulatory requirements and best practices in creating a streamlined pre-approval access program.


Dane will be presenting at the Pre-Approval Access Programs this September 25-27th in Philadelphia, PA. 

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Dane TN
Posted: 08/29/2017

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