Press release: Arkivum launches compliance-driven data management solution for pharma industry

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Arkivum TRUST enables the pharmaceutical, life sciences and health markets to meet key data integrity guidelines and regulations in a cost-efficient way

LONDON – September 26, 2017 – Arkivum Ltd, a leading provider of compliance-driven, long-term data safeguarding and usability solutions, today announced the launch of Arkivum TRUST, a modular data safeguarding and preservation archival solution specifically designed for the pharmaceutical, life sciences and health markets. Built to comply with ALCOAC, data integrity and data preservation best practice, the solution enables organizations to meet regulatory requirements, with continual end-user workflows and data sources integrations.

Arkivum TRUST is a scalable, flexible and cost-effective end-to-end managed data safeguarding solution that provides organizations with an effective way to manage risk more easily through audit trails, chain of custody of archived records, data immutability and an unrivalled built-in 100% data integrity guarantee, with no vendor lock-in.

Arkivum TRUST is designed from the ground up to help customers adhere to emerging and intensified regulations, such as MHRA and FDA GxP data integrity and GDPR. Managing data and record preservation for the long term, Arkivum TRUST ensures that organizations’ data is safe, secure, compliant and usable. The solution answers the challenge of long-term data access and legibility with automated file format management.

Built to support pharmaceutical, life sciences and health-specific data types, data sources and applications, Arkivum TRUST is a product-based solution which requires minimal IT intervention and has a rapid deployment timeline. Leveraging a unified, modular approach, Arkivum TRUST caters to the needs of customizable workflow with a comprehensive set of management, validation and monitoring tools.

Daniel Hickmore, VP Health and Life Sciences at Arkivum comments “We are excited to announce our sector-tuned solution for this important market which has to contend with significant challenges of data integrity, data privacy and cost pressures. The Arkivum TRUST preservation and data lifecycle management modules enable our customers to address growing data volumes whilst meeting the stringent data integrity and regulatory requirements they must adhere to.”

Arkivum is exhibiting at a leading Pharmaceutical IT event - in London this week and Daniel Hickmore will be presenting on ‘Legibility; a GxP data integrity black hole – A recipe for data integrity compliance’. Daniel will highlight the new data integrity regulations from MHRA as well as discussing the key Do’s and Don’ts around achieving an effective data integrity maturity plan.

About Arkivum

Arkivum is a leading provider of compliance-driven, long-term data safeguarding and usability solutions serving regulated, data intensive markets worldwide. Arkivum’s solution helps organizations safeguard and preserve their most valuable digital content to the highest level, adhere to intensified regulation of digital records management, economically cope with increasing data volumes and make archived data usable and accessible.

Arkivum provides a safe, secure, compliant and accessible digital archiving solution for any type of data, structured and unstructured, with a unique 100% data integrity guarantee and a built-in escrow service. The Arkivum solution brings archived data to life by enabling users to explore the vast, usually untapped value of their archived repository. Since 2012 Arkivum has been serving more than 120 clients worldwide across industries and is accredited and certified for ISO 27001.

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