Tips and Tatics for Navigating the Antitrust Landscape

Andrea Charles

As part of the new Pharma Leaders Today series, Allen E. Norris, Vice President and Head Group IP at UCB Pharma, speaks to Andrea Charles from Pharma IQ, about current trends in biopatents and how pharma companies can readdress the imbalance between new product introductions and patent losses. Norris shares his top 3 tips for navigating the ever evolving antitrust landscape. In the second part of the interview Norris discusses overcoming the toughest challenge in his career and the developments that continue to inspire him.

Having previously held positions in IP and Licensing with Novartis and its predecessor organisations in Switzerland and the United States in the Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical, Seeds and Plant Biotechnology areas.

Mr. Norris is a Chartered British Patent Agent, a European Patent Attorney and a US Patent Agent. He is presently President of LES Benelux. Mr. Norris also sits on EFPIA’s Intellectual Property Policy Committee, Business Europe’s Working Group on Patents and is a former Chair of the U.S. Biotech Industry Organisation (BIO) - Intellectual Property Committee.