How Can Polymorph Patents Increase Cost Efficiency?

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Posted: 10/12/2010

Pharma IQ have just made a great new podcast interview available on the Resource Centre; How can polymorph patents increase cost efficiency?

The podcast is an interview with Mandar Kodgule, Head of Intellectual Property and Strategic planning at Wockhardt and is available on the Developing IP Strategies for Crystalline Forms website, completely FREE of charge.

Kodgule answers the above question as well as offering the top five strategic considerations to sustain a healthy polymorph patent portfolio and to create polymorphic wealth. The interview also touches upon how the regulatory landscape is changing and what impact it is having on enforceability of polymorph patents. Mandar also addresses the issue of excessive innovation in the polymorph arena, which is leading to misuse in certain cases, and why this is so.

For those wishing to hear more on this subject, Mandar will do a session on; Balance Sheet For Polymorph Patents: Creation, Enforceability, Misuse & Challenges at the Developing IP Strategies for Crystalline Forms Conference, which runs from 6th-8th December 2010 in London.

Wockhardt, Bayer Healthcare, Alembic, European Patent Office and Hovione are just a few of the companies who will be coming together to share IP and patent protection best practice and work together to find the optimum way to prevent patent infringement of their companies’ crystalline forms.

From interactive panel sessions and insights into both innovator and generic perspectives to updates on case law decisions from around the world, senior IP Counsel from across the globe will be presenting their areas of expertise, learning from one another and sharing tips at the 6th Annual Developing IP Strategies for Crystalline Forms. 


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Pharma IQ News
Posted: 10/12/2010


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