Preparing for Global Compliance: Helping you Execute your Serialisation Strategy

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01 May 2015, London, UK - Pharmaceuticals consistently rank within the top ten categories for counterfeit goods and the risk to products can vary from country to country. In response pharmaceutical manufacturers are investing more in product security initiatives, such as serialisation which involves coding products uniquely at the item level.

The serialisation strategy of a company and the resultant serialisation service that delivers and maintains the capabilities required needs to ensure that the requirements of legislation are understood and the capabilities are defined to meet those needs.

Serialisation is no longer a matter of “if”, or even “when”; it’s just a matter of how you plan to implement it effectively. The deadlines are getting closer every day.

To address this challenge Pharma IQ is delighted to announce Global Pharmaceutical Serialisation and Track & Trace Open House 2015 taking place on 1-2 July 2015. The Open House is designedfor anyone interested in investing in serialisation solutions in the next 6 - 18 months. Participants will get insights information behind the law, timelines, implementation difficulties and costs involved in implementing serialisation.

This unique event aims to bring together top industry experts and end users in order to present the latest case studies. Bill Fletcher, Managing Partner, Pharma Logic Solution will be presenting a session on Preparing to Meet the 2017 Serialisation/Traceability Requirements of the DQSA.

This exclusive online event will show attendees how top companies have managed their serialisation implementation and delivered measurable results to their business. Unlike pre-recorded webinars Serialisation Open House gives attendees the chance to ask questions in real-time and interact with other professionals. 

Each live session will run for one hour from 8.00am ETon1-2 July 2015. During that time experts will share their 40 minute case study on how to implement serialisation solution, improve performance and maximise profits. Sessions will also examine strategies and the skills needed to focus on when implementing serialisation.

Case study sessions will be followed by live Q&A where solution providers will share unique features of their product. This is a great opportunity to see and sample how serialisation solution operates.       

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The first ever global online event had over 350 professionals. Join us this year to find out about the latest strategies and solutions available.

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