Less Risk, More Reward in IP

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Read this paper to explore the drivers shaping the re-evaluation of IP in the research and development sector and the technical features that make a platform like E-WorkBook a particularly suitable home for your organization’s IP assets.

Benefits to downloading this whitepaper

1 Find out how to secure intellectual property, preserving accessibility and shareability

2 Discover how trends in drug development and other market factors are forcing companies to re-evaluate how they derive value from IP

3 Manage sign-offs and archiving in a compliant environment 

Challenges tackled in this whitepaper

Managing IP in a research organization presents the following challenges:

1. Securing and accurately documenting IP mustn’t come at the expense of IP being useable, accessible and consumable by the organization.

2. Patent expiry and non-patentable IP are pushing organizations to seek new ways of proving inventorship.

3. Collaboration and externalization mean that third parties need the necessary infrastructure to share and incorporate data while protecting and documenting IP.

4. 2011 changes to US patent law emphasize the importance of well-maintained documentation and good record-keeping.


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