The smart way to manage compliance, briefing and withdrawals

How to remain compliant and in control of your growing number of multi-media assets and sales materials

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The pharmaceutical industry grows more and more digital every day, but companies are still struggling to manage their internal and external material compliance, especially when it comes to approved content, briefing and withdrawals.

If you fail to fully monitor the activities associated with field sales and marketing operations, you risk increasing several business and compliance risks. From failing to meet product marketing statutes, falling short of industry standards and even violating anti-bribery laws.

In this white paper, we share a clear guide on how to:

  1. Manage internal and external material compliance
  2. Host a range of multi-media content in one place
  3. Keep your data and materials secure

This white paper also features an exclusive case study on how Sanofi resolved these issues by using an iPad application specifically designed to relieve compliance and material management headaches.

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