[Case Study] How Sanofi managed material compliance for 500 UK employees with just one app

In just three months, Sanofi automated over 600 approved materials and accounts following this process

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Being compliant as a small to mid size pharma company is a hard task.
If you can’t be confident that your sales team are only using the latest approved materials, then you may be at risk of misrepresenting your company or products.
This can lead to:
  • Failure to meet product marketing standards,
  • Damaged reputation from dropping below industry standards, or,
  • Fines from violating anti-bribery laws
These are serious issues that you need to address, especially as regulatory scrutiny grows.
In this case study, we walk you through:
  • How to manage internal and external material compliance through permissions, controls and tracked access
  • How to host and use multi-media content without draining your resources
  • How to ensure data safety and limit your risk of data loss or exposure
Effective compliance is essential, but it doesn’t have to be a resource drain.

Find out how to make the process easier for you and your team with this case study.