The Top 10 Most Popular ELNs Stories of 2013 (So Far)

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The Top 10 Most Popular ELNs (Electronic Laboratory Notebook) Stories of 2013

Building an intelligent lab informatics system is fast becoming an intrinsic part of the long term strategy for a wide range of industries, all with one common aim -  to drive productivity and decision making based on improved data analysis. Pharma IQ looks back on some of the most read pieces on the site this year.   

The Top 10 ELNs reads on in 2013 (so far).

ELNs, Data Analytics, Knowledge Management: Trends, Challenges & Opportunities The need to effectively utilise the data and apply knowledge management is being discussed in the boardroom, but how are you reacting to these changes and how will they impact the future?

Will SDMS Become ELN of the Future? Although our laboratory scientists recognise  Scientific Data Management Systems (SDMS) offering of exciting new perspectives to laboratory data management, we are definitely facing resistance from some of them in accepting SDMS as a substitute for paper based laboratory notebook. I would contribute it to two factors: human nature of resistance to change and aggressive supplier tactics in promoting specialised ELNs

Management Buy-in and User Acceptance in an ELN Project Management buy-in and user acceptance are two factors regularly identified as critical to the successful outcome of a project. It’s been encouraging to observe, over recent years, that most case studies presented on the deployment of Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELNs) that these are two factors that are given more consideration in project planning.
Post Show Review: 11th Annual ELNs and Advanced Laboratory Solutions Conference I was surprised to note that the roll-out time for ELNs and LIMs in big Pharma was significant and typically in the region of 1-2 years. This may not be altogether surprising as the software solutions were usually rolled-out across multiple sites with the total number of users being in excess of 1,000.

Implementing an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) in pre-clinical drug discovery? The pre-clinical phase of drug discovery  involves many years of research being conducted by multi-disciplinary teams. These teams will generate significant amounts of data which are processed using standard as well as specialist software.

Lessons Learnt: Novartis Integrate an ELN system with a Web Interface
 Raquel Dias Miranda, Application Service Manager for Novartis Pharma AG, joins Pharma IQ to discuss the upgrade of the ELN System in place at Novartis.

The Art of Measuring the ROI of ELNs - Keep it Real ELN ROI calculations can be difficult to identify and calculate because process re-engineering projects are by their nature changing multiple sets of interconnected systems and subsystems. Change one thing and other things often are impacted. There are a number of factors in play for measuring, pure measurement can only happen if time were to stand still - no other change projects, no market and economy swings, no employee turnover, etc. - from the time the business case is committed through deployment on day one and until results are measured one, two, three or even more quarters later.

How an ELN has Propelled Pfizer Development’s Drive to Knowledge Management This paper explores how to streamline the transitions that transform data (D) into information (I), then into knowledge (K), and finally into organizational wisdom (W). It describes the broad organizational benefits that an ELN makes possible, highlighting how the system is supporting efforts to gain predictive control over key processes in Pfizer Pharmaceutical Development.

Array’s ELN: Maturing into the Teenage Years
Array Biopharma was one of the first pharmaceutical organisations to implement an ELN 11 years ago. Cat Andersen and the team at Array have been instrumental to ensuring its success. She spoke to Pharma IQ about the secret behind a successful integration with an existing informatics systems, followed by a lightweight LIMS, the advantages and disadvantages of customisation and looks ahead to the next 5 years.

How to Deploy an ELN within Biopharma  Ralph Haffner, Head of Biologic Research Informatics at Roche, joins Pharma IQ to discuss how ELNs can help maximise biopharmaceutical efficiency.

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