The Top 5 Most Popular Pharma Informatics Stories of 2012

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Pharma IQ looks back on some of the most read pieces on the site this year. The Top 5 informatics reads on in 2012.

Breakthroughs in CRO Customer Service
Contract service providers working with lab professionals are expected to deal with increasing amounts of data in shorter time intervals with either smaller or decreasing budgets. In addition, contract service providers are driven to differentiate their services as well as deliver increasingly high levels of customer service. Superior customer service encompasses providing customized, compliant services in a timely and collaborative manner.

   Laboratory Informatics: Current Trends & Predictions for 2015
 The shift from a paper-based lab to a digital space is one which has been occurring for some time and labs have discovered that unless they implement sophisticated laboratory informatics, they are likely to find themselves falling behind due to the increasing amount of data professionals are currently working with.

Three Major IT Trends will Shape Life Sciences in 2012
Three IT trends will shape the life sciences, according to an analysis by SAFE-BioPharma Association. They are the expanded use of standards- based interoperable digital identities, cloud computing in clinical trials, and the use of electronic trial master files for clinical trial management.

Informatics Engine Drives Pharma Development toward Quality by Design
This whitepaper by explores the informatics journey and its role in driving QbD adoption within pharmaceutical development and gives some explanation of the concepts behind QbD. 

Top Trends in Laboratory Informatics
In the pharmaceutical industry's quest for cost cutting, no part of the drug development pipeline has been left untouched. Lab professionals are now expected to deal with increasing amounts of data in a shorter space of time, with smaller budgets.


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