5 Reasons why Effective Pharmaceutical Packaging is Key to the Success for Commercial Product Launches

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Whoever said it’s what's in the inside that counts was quite frankly lying. Given that you invest so much time, money and resources on our pharmaceutical products - don't you want to ensure the packaging in which it’s promoted is as good, if not better than what is inside? Successful commercialisation is the end point which every biopharma company strives for, but quite often packaging selection and design is overlooked or the last aspect to be considered. 
Effective pharmaceutical packaging will help you increase profits, gain a bigger market share and better serve your customers.
Pharma IQ has put together the top 5 reasons on why packaging is so important:

 Communication of important product information, dosage strength, directions for use and other  relevant information without confusion
 Containment of the drug product
• Protection of the drug product from external elements
• Facilitation of product storage and shipment
• Distinction of a product from competitors
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