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With a growing demand for disposable solutions for biomanufacturing comes a growing demand for single-use components and technology providers. The biomanufacturing industry has not only indicated a need for a business meeting on disposable technology adoption, but also a forum where it can meet providers of single-use technology.

 At our Disposable Solutions for Biomanufacturing Conference in Europe in March we interviewed key thought leaders in the field to discover what the main challenges are that the industry is confronting.

This Week:

 Delivering Quality Disposable Solutions - Johannes Kirchmair of ASI discusses what kinds of solutions the market are now moving towards in disposables and explains what he feels the major differences are between Europe and the US. He also talks about the increasing trend towards quality, total solutions.

 Last Week:


Adopting Disposable Solutions in an Academic Environment- Sarah Moyle, Head of the Clinical Biomanufacturing Facility at the University of Oxford discusses the differences between working in the academic and commercial  environment with single-use technologies and the different challenges that brings with it

In previous weeks:

Evaluating Single Use Technologies during Design Build of a Mammalian Cell Culture Facility-Mike Jenkins, General Manager at Catalent, disucsses the hurdles when adopting single-use technologies and how they got around them, from making the decision to sell their 'new' stainless steel bioreactors to a competitor and getting buy-in from internal stakeholders to move to disposable solutions.

 Sound-Byte: Challenges for Solution Providers in the Disposables Industry- Eric Isberg, Global Product Manager, ATMI Lifesciences gives a short overview of issues that affect solutions providers in the Single-use technology space. He also speaks about the lack of universal connectivity, where customers can't connect with different brands and suppliers and predicts that in the next two years the market will see an influx of sterile connectors that will alleviate this problem.

Looking to Future Trends in Disposable & Single-Use Solutions for Biomanufacturing an interview with Dominic Clarke, Product Manager at Charter Medical Ltd. Looking to future trends for the Disposables and single-use industry and how the emergence of cell  therapies in bioprocessing and biomanufacturing is creating a lot of growth in the market

Evaluating and Working With Single-Use Equipment Suppliers an interview with Tony Hitchcock, Head of Manufacturing at Cobra Biologics with advice to those who may be looking at adopting single-use technology into their organisation, including making operational procedures a priority

Tips on Qualification of Single-Use Technology an interview with Stephen Brown qualification of single-use equipment with suppliers and points out the importance of compatability and comparability between manufacturers and the components and testing that they use.

Standardisation of Single Use: The Need for Consistency in Design an interview with Ciaran Kelleher, Senior Engineer at Janssen Biologics on needs for the design of single-use components and how best this is achieved.

7 Minute Update on Single-Use Systems in Biomanufacturing an interview with Jerold Martin, Chairman of the Disposable Solutions for Biomanufacturing Conference in Brussels this year.

Time for Blue Sky Thinking in Disposable Solutionsan interview with Nick Montgomery of AllpaQ Packaging Limited

Improve Communication between Suppliers and End-Users in the Disposables Biomanufacturing Industry an interview with Dan Nelson, Marketing Manager at Thermo Scientific