Roche Outlines Ways to Achieve Efficient Container Closure Testing Systems

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Dr. Caspar Schatz, Manager for Optical and In Process Control from Roche Diagnostics GmbH, joins Pharma IQ, to discuss developing and evaluating container closure testing systems.

In this exclusive interview, Schatz outlines the different approaches to monitoring syringe closure in the manufacturing process to ensure full integration, ways of applying automated process analytical procedures and the main challenges faced to put them into practice effectively. He also gives an overview of the main regulatory requirements for those working with prefilled syringes and injectable technology and offers some tips on how to prove the integrity of all components.

You can download the podcast here:

Pre-filled syringes container systems will be evaluated during closed discussion sessions led by Dr. Schatz, at the Innovation in Pre-Filled Syringes and Injectable Technology conference, taking place in London, from the 8th-9th April 2011. The discussion will focus around three areas:

  • Assessing the various approaches to monitoring syringe closure throughout the manufacturing process to achieve full integration
  • Implementing automated process analytical procedures
  •  Analysing the regulatory requirements and how to prove the integrity of all components

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