Life Sciences Manufacturing and Quality: The New Path to Performance

Dan Jacob

It is no secret that Life Science manufacturers have substantial compliance challenges. Regulatory burdens are getting more intense, regularly changing, and growing in complexity. This is most keenly felt by those that are delivering products in multiple markets.

Successful manufacturers will plot a journey from conformance to performance by merging the objectives, cultures, processes, and technologies between quality and manufacturing.

This new research by LNS explores survey results of over 1200 life science leaders, provides guidance regarding maturity, objectives, and the connection between “IT/OT” and quality, and prescribes a new path for performance.  The report also illustrates the correlation between targeted best practices and improved performance.

Benefits of reading this whitepaperChallenges Addressed

  • Learn what leading drug manufacturers are doing to achieve 10% higher on-time delivery and 21% higher successful new product introductions (NPI)
  • Understand the six best practices that life sciences manufacturers must adopt to drive performance
  • Explore how quality objectives drive practice adoption, improve maturity and deliver value
  • Quantify where industry stands and differentiation against competitors

  • Increased regulations
  • Operational and organizational fragmentation

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