Pharma Industry Report: Single Use & Disposable Technologies for Biomanufacturing 2013

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Pharma Industry Series: Disposable Solutions for Biomanufacturing - Special Report 2013

The last 10 years has seen a surge in the use of single-use and disposable systems for the production of biopharmaceuticals, initially in early stage products, but increasingly in commercial products. Exclusively revealing the results of a Pharma IQ  industry-wide survey, almost a quarter of respondents say their number one goal for 2013 is to move single use systems from development into commercial use, and 45% cited cost savings as the biggest factor for doing so.

However, understanding the limitations of disposable equipment and the issue of  validation appear to be the greatest challenges for end users who are looking at scaling up for commercial use.

So the question the industry is now asking is where will technology go in the future? And how can new innovations and possibilities with this kind of technology be applied to improve development and manufacturing platforms?

With the upcoming Disposable Solutions for Biomanufacturing Summit in mind, Pharma IQ, shares the current trends and predictions in the Single Use & Disposable Technologies for Biomanufacturing 2013 report. Benchmark against your peers and gain up-to-date insights on the 6 hottest topics in Single Use and Disposable Solutions for Biomanufacturing  in 2013, including :

Ensuring a reliable supply chain to avoid crisis situations with Jerold Martin, Sr. VP, Global Scientific affairs, Biopharmaceuticals at Pall Life Sciences –BPSA .

Combat challenges around standardisation with best practice tips from Janssen Biologics

Drive the quality and safety of your pharmaceutical products through minimising E&Ls: Director of the E&L team at GSK shares practical insights on risk assessments

Overcome transition challenges to scaling up to downstream and commercial use with advice from Pfizer Animal Health and Cobra Biologics

This Special Report is part of our Pharma Industry Series.