Pharma IQ Talking Heads - Global Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Roundtable 2012

Contract Manufacturing in Pharmaceuticals continues to increase…

Decreasing profits in pharmaceuticals over the past 5 years has put manufacturing and product costs under greater scrutiny. As a result there has been an increase in the need for a reduction in the size and cost of internal manufacturing and sourcing of cheaper products from external parties.

Recent reports indicate that the global pharmaceutical contract manufacturing market  will be worth US$40.7 billion by 2015 - Are you effectively leveraging external supply and managing the risks involved to make the most of your outsourcing options?

As the pharmaceutical industry relies on faster drug development and cost containment to maintain growth, there has never been a more important time to develop strategic CMO alliances to facilitate entry into emerging markets, reduce costs and increase product revenue. But with so many CMOs to choose from, how can you guarantee that you have the right partner to provide the services you require with minimal risk and maximum efficiency?


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