Single Use Systems Industry Guidance Activity Update

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The disposable solutions for bio-manufacturing market has received praise by some for its levels of innovation. Also, the market is known for being made up of many industry bodies. 

Unsurprisingly, it can be a challenge for the industry to keep pace with all of these entities and the best practices that they are putting forward. In response to this, Pharma IQ has created this snapshot guide to a selection of bodies active within the single-use-systems market to provide insight into their achievements over the past year and potential updates to keep an eye out for.

The Line up

  • USP: P 3-4   - United States Pharmacopeia Convention:  Established in 1820, the USP is a scientific, independent, volunteer-driven, nonprofit organization.
  • BPSA: P 5  -  Bio-Process Systems Alliance: Formed in 2005 this is an industry led trade association focused on supporting and encouraging the ascent of single use systems in biomanufacturing.
  • BPOG: P 5-6 - BioPhorum Operations Group Established in 2008 – BPOG is a collaborative network. BPOG which shares best practises to further the biotechnology space. There are over 1200 active participants
  • ASME: P 6 - American Society of Mechanical Engineers Founded in 1880, the ASME BPE is a volunteer consensus standards writing organisation
  • SUTAP: P 7 - Created in late 2014, this non-for-profit organisation is focused on driving the biopharmaceutical industry in participating in the creation of ASTM standards to assist both suppliers and end users operating with disposables solutions for biomanufacturing.