[Analysis] How Industry 4.0 tech could solve the biggest risks in single use manufacturing facilities

Billy Sisk of Rockwell Automation shares how Industry 4.0 could transform one of the biggest risks in single use; human error

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The past decade has seen a paradigm shift in the nature and process of products being manufactured. 

We're seen a greater prevelance on:

  • Large molecule drugs
  • Expansion in the number of personalized or targeted treatments
  • The number of treatments for orphan diseases

With these new drugs targeted at niche markets, manufacturing needs can be met in smaller volumes with a greater use of single use materials.

However, these faciltiies do not operate without challenges. 

One key risk they face is the high propensity for human error. But Industry 4.0 technology could offer a comprehensive solution. 

In this exerpt from our Big Book of Biotech, Billy Sisk of Rockwell Automation, discusses the changing landscape, the benefits and challenges of single use and present exclusive insight to the industry 4.0 solution that could change operations. 

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